Mary Herbert,a loving sister.

21 Apr

One can see at the start that Mary Herbert was a very bright and educated woman.  She was educated at her home and learned French, Itlalian, Latin, Greek and music.  I would say she was from a well to do family, as she was well favored with Queen Elizabeth I.  I found it really interesting that she would gather around a group of notable poets, musicians and artists and this probably inspired her to write more poems, and learned from her peers talents as well. 

Her biography did not go in detail as of how close her and her brother Philip were.  However, as she wrote a lot about her brother’s death I would say that she admired him and probably were close. It was neat that she finished  her brothers poetry and had composite of Sidney’s Arcadia.  When I read the elegy for her brother Philip The Dolefull Lay of Clorinda, this was my favorite poem by her. The first stanza’s one could see Herbert’s greif pooring through, and her heartfelt emotions. “Or where shall I unfold my inward paine, That my enriuen heart may find reliefe?”  I feel like anyone can relate to this elegy as her portrayed emotions and questions seem to be universal feelings when an individual has lost a loved one.  “A Dialogue Between two Shepherds, Thenot and Piers was good as well, although it didn’t really give me a great impact like the other one did, probably because you could relate to what she was going through.

Her last well known pieces were the Psalms and there was a total of a hundred and seven. I only read a couple and enjoyed Psalm 46. Deus noster refugium.  Through her Psalms she was popular with the critics and George herbert and even John Donne were influenced by her writing.  I especially found this interesting since women barely recieved enough credit and with a well known individual such as John Donne, one can see her works must have been very infulential.


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