Reflections on Isabella Whitney

20 Apr

My Wikipedia assignment is on Isabella Whitney, even though there is little information of her background life, she is one incredible lady. To be the first secular women of her time and writing witty satire publications was very hard for women to do especially a women from lower middle class.  The one thing I hated though when researching her background or anything pretainting to her for that matter. The information always went on about Geoffrey Whitney that may or may not be her brother. It felt like in some articles he was more talked about than her even when it was suppose to narrow on her specifically.  Although aside from that, my favorite publishings by her would have to be “Wyll and Testament” like crtics say is probably the most appealing and innovative of her writings.  She described her situation and London’s at the time and does give a historical background to conditions people had to indure.

On a good note through her struggles financially, it seemed that her popularity grew fairly quickly, especially towards the upper class.  She was the first female writer of secular poetry and defined all odds of her gender and became well known.  I really enjoyed researching her, however, I just wish that there was more information out there on her.


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