Margaret Cavendish she had the spark!

14 Apr

Of course I always start reading the biographies on all the women’s writers  before I look at any of their works, to get sense of what their background was and life experiences that potentially influence what they write.  Margaret Cavendish I felt could be one firery lady if she wanted to be.  I thought at the beginning in her early childhood showed what type of person she was when she wanted to be known for her wit and beauty and indeed she has proved that. 

It was neat to see when she first attempted writing that she wrote what was called “baby books” and there are sixteen of them. Obviously they didn’t recieve much notice and was not the best stuff she had as a writer.  Soom after she returned back to England from the war, Cavendish started writing poems “entitled Poems and Fancies”.  Cavendish it recieved good recgonition for this particular work, however, other critics said the way she spelled and the structure of the poems were terrible.  Although Cavendish did not back down nor apologize for her differn’t techniques in writing and wittingly replied back saying “against nature for a woman to spell right” In this particular quoation I felt this showed the firery side of her and already displaying another feminist writer beyond her time.

At one point in the biography I read Cavendish was known for her outrageious costumes that she wore in public. I am just wondering what she would of worn that was so outrageous. Maybe I will look it up after this post to see, since I am kind of curious.   Anyway back to her works… My two favorite poems of her’s was Soul’s Raiment, and Upon the Theam of love.  Both of them displayed the struggles and concept of death and love in a very unique way. I could really feel that it was her own thing and stood away from the traditional love poems or religious views on death.

In the end I would have to say my favorite quote that I read she said was when she was discribing the gender discrepencies women had toward education and anything of that nature. “In Nature, we have as clear an understanding as men, if we were bred in schools to mature our Brains.”  This just shows Margaret Cavendish was ahead of her time and understood how essential the importance of education is, especially for women of that time.


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