Julian of Norwich, and Margery Kempe Amen!

31 Mar

When reading both Julian of Norwich, and Margery Kempe I can honestly say I wasn’t too excited especially when I saw the time period.  However, I was pleasently surprised with both of the ladies works. It is true when they say Julian of Norwich “Celebrated mystic whose Revelations of Divine Love is generally considered on of the most remarkable documents of medieveal religious experience.”  “The Motherhood of God and “The Joy of God in us” from the revelations of Divine Love I quite enjoyed.  Her experience and revelations with God were quite remarkable and reading throughout the writing’s you can get a sense of how passionate she was with her works and her loyality and devotion to her religious beliefs.  Obviously I was reading the modern text version of her work and some of the interpretation mayor may not be lost however, her writing flowed in a way I can’t explain and was enjoyable to read.  For example, “The Motherhood of God”, I loved this particular sentence I thought it was so beautifully written. “This fair lovely word “mother” is so sweet and so kind in itself, that it can not truly be said of anyone nor to anyone except of Him and to Him who is true Mother of life and of all.”  Everyone can relate to God in this way and obviously her infulences and writing’s are still taught today.

Margery Kempe’s book was quite insightful as well.  When reading her biography, I found it interesting that she was illiterate and resited her thoughts to others for recording.  The Book of Margery kempe talked about her personal vision of Jesus after having her first child.  Also I found it unusual how much she travelled for a woman during the era.   Both women were very infulential in their religious beliefs and are still essential to this day.


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