Aphra Behn

17 Mar

When doing our presentation on Aphra Behn I learned a lot more about her.  Last semester I studied  her as well, however, from doing more extensive reasearch on her I did not realize the amount of playwrights she wrote.  “Forc’d marriage” was her first playwright she wrote and perhaps that this play reflected on her own life but no further evidence is provided. 

The most interesting thing I thought about her life was that she was highered as a spy.  I thought this was unlikely job for a woman to do during the time era. However, her career as a spy was short term as she was not successful accomplishing her task.  This is an example of one of the many diverse jobs she had.  Through her writing’s such as “The Dissapointment” and “The Golden Age”, “To the Fair Clarinda, Who Made Love to Me, Imagined More than Woman” were seen as scandalous, and even reading them todaday, aside from “The Golden Age” does create quite a chuckle.  It becomes quite clear she was a woman beyond her time. 

So far her works and her as a person in general intrigue me the most over all the other women writers we looked at.  After all Virginia Woolf bascially said in “A Room of One’s Own” that women writers and women in general owe to to Aphra Behn for being the first woman stepping stepping outside her gender role.


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